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Many experiments share a common structure. Why not start from a template (a class) that you can reuse? Many useful routines are built-in: experiment loop, automatic testing, data and log handling...


Simple interface

A GUI is generated on the fly based on your project. Run and reproduce everything with ease! Command-line ninjas get their interface too.

Project tree

Neat project organization

All project materials have a clear organization and naming conventions. No more mess.

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Simple descriptive statistics

Compute accuracy across participants with a single command.

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Pretty plots

Instantly produce nice plots with a single command.

Lena as seen by HMAX's C1


Are there simple confounds in your stimuli that could explain your findings? psychopy_ext has pixelwise, GaborJet, and HMAX'99 models built-in for a quick check.

But aren't PsychoPy, matplotlib, pandas, ... sufficient?

Unlike PsychoPy, matplotlib, or pandas that are very flexible and support multiple options to suit everyone’s needs, the underlying philosophy of psychopy_ext is to act as the glue at a higher level of operation by choosing reasonable defaults for these packages and providing patterns for common tasks with a minimal user intervention. (read more...)

I don't get it.

Prefer an academic explanation instead? (open access)

Kubilius, J. (2014). A framework for streamlining research workflow in neuroscience and psychology. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 7, 52. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2013.00052