Task.__init__(parent, name='', version='0.1', method='random', data_fname=None, blockcol=None)[source]

An extension of TrialHandler with many useful functions.

parent (Experiment)

The Experiment to which this Tast belongs.

  • name (str, default: ‘’)

    Name of the task. Currently not used anywhere.

  • version (str, default: ‘0.1’)

    Version of your experiment.

  • method ({‘sequential’, ‘random’}, default: ‘random’)

    Order of trials:

    • sequential: trials and blocks presented sequentially
    • random: trials presented randomly, blocks sequentially
    • fullRandom: converted to ‘random’

    Note that there is no explicit possibility to randomize the order of blocks. This is intentional because you in fact define block order in the blockcol.

  • data_fname (str, default=None)

    The name of the main data file for storing output. If None, reuses Datafile instance from its parent; otherwise, a new one is created (stored in self.datafile).

  • blockcol (str, default: None)

    Column name in self.exp_plan that defines which trial should be presented during which block.