psychopy_ext.exp.set_paths(exp_root='.', computer=<class psychopy_ext.exp.default_computer at 0x120781F0>, fmri_rel='')[source]

Set paths to data storage.

exp_root (str)

Path to where the main file that starts the program is.

  • computer (Namespace, default: default_computer)

    A class with a computer parameters defined, such as the default path for storing data, size of screen etc. See default_computer for an example.

  • fmri_rel (str, default: ‘’)

    A path to where fMRI data and related analyzes should be stored. This is useful because fMRI data takes a lot of space so you may want to keep it on an external hard drive rather than on Dropbox where your scripts might live, for example.

paths (dict):

A dictionary of paths.