HMAX.get_gabors(filter_sizes_all, n_ori=4, k=2.1, sx=2.0943951023931953, sy=3.490658503988659, phase=0)[source]

Generates 2D Gabor filters. This is the original version of Gabor filters used in HMAX.

filter_sizes_all: list (depth 2))
A nested list (grouped by filter bands) of integer filter sizes
n_ori: int
A number of filter orientations (default: 4) Orientations are spaced by np.pi/n_ori
k: float
Gabor wave number (default: 2.1)
sx: float
Gabor sigma in x-dir (default: 2*np.pi * 1/3.)
sy: float
Gabor sigma in y-dir (default: 2*np.pi * 1/1.8)
phase: int
Gabor function phase (0 (default) for cosine (even),
np.pi/2 for sine (odd))
gabors: list (depth 2)
A nested list of filters of all orientations