HMAX.get_gaussians(filter_sizes_all, n_ori=4, sigDivisor=4.0)[source]

Generates 2D difference of Gaussians (DoG) filters. This function is a faster, more accurate and more elegant version of the original gaussian_filters_matlab but will not produce identical filters as the original (but very close). For practical purposes, this one is prefered. In case you want to mimic the identical behavior of the original HMAX, use gaussian_filters_matlab.

filter_sizes_all: list (depth 2))
A nested list (grouped by filter bands) of integer filter sizes
n_ori: int
A number of filter orientations (default: 4) Orientations are spaced by np.pi/n_ori
sigDivisor: float
A parameter to adjust DoG filter frequency (default: 4.)
gaussians: list (depth 2)
A nested list of filters of all orientations