Plot.plot(agg, kind='bar', subplots=None, subplots_order=None, autoscale=True, title=None, errkind='sem', within=None, xlim=None, ylim=None, xlabel=None, ylabel=None, popmean=0, numb=False, **kwargs)[source]

The main plotting function.

agg (pandas.DataFrame or similar)

A structured input, preferably a pandas.DataFrame, but in principle accepts anything that can be converted into it.

  • subplots (None, True, or False; default=None)

    Whether you want to split data into subplots or not. If True, the top level is treated as a subplot. If None, detects automatically based on agg.columns.names – the first entry to start with subplots. will be used. This is the default output from stats.aggregate and is recommended.

  • kwargs

    Keyword arguments for plotting


A list of axes of all plots.