psychopy_ext is a framework for a rapid reproducible design, analysis and plotting of experiments in neuroscience and psychology.

Unlike PsychoPy, PyMVPA or matplotlib that are very flexible and support multiple options to suit everyone’s needs, the underlying philosophy of psychopy_ext is to act as the glue at a higher level of operation by choosing reasonable defaults for these packages and providing patterns for common tasks with a minimal user intervention. Set up your stimuli, trial structure and go! Everything else is already done for you.


Copyright 2010-2014 Jonas Kubilius (

Laboratories of Biological and Experimental Psychology, KU Leuven (Belgium)

GNU General Public License v3 or later

Included external packages and functions (covered by a compatible license): combinations, combinations_with_replacement, OrderedDict, HMAX, GaborJet


I would like to thank Jonathan Peirce, Jeremy Gray and all PsychoPy developers for the well maintained code from which I learned a lot about development, Scott Torborg and The Hitchhiker’s guide to packaging for guiding me in packaging, and ZetCode for examples on dealing with wxPython.

Jonas Kubilius is a Research Assistant of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO).