Quick start


In psychopy_ext, the structure of a project is conceptualized in the following way:

A Project consists of

Experiments that consist of

Tasks that are divided into


and consist of

Trials that consist of


and can do

Actions (run experiment, show stimuli, ...)

and Analyses that can do

Actions (analyze data in one way, in another way...)

The following figure illustrates the structure of a project and the (least of) functions that you have to modify for your task.


Of course, there are many more options that you can customize, see Basic architecture for an overview or Create an experiment with exp for more information on creating experiments, and Statistics with stats and Pretty plots with plot for data analysis.

What to do

Start a new project myproject by copying the contents of the demos folder (in psychopy_ext/) to myproject. Observe the structure of this folder. Note that psychopy_ext encourages all project-related resources (scripts, data, logs, paper) to reside within a single project folder. Your experiments will reside in the scripts folder.

The easiest way to create a new experiment is by using scripts/main.py as a template. If you need something more complex, try scripts/twotasks.py or scripts/staircase.py. Refer to Experiment and Task to learn about various built-in functions.

When done with the experiment, run the project by executing run.py file. (In Windows, you can simply double-click on run.bat intead.)

If you have more than a single experiment, make another Python file for that experiment, and include the path to it in the run.py file.